7 Advantages of using online sharing platforms

7 Advantages of using online sharing platforms

Without proper collaboration and teamwork, an organization will not be successful. Furthermore, without the ability to share and update files, an organization cannot perform its tasks more efficiently. Online sharing is an essential part of fostering communication and collaboration in any environment. Missed deadlines, project obstacles, misunderstandings and overall inefficient workplace processes are usually a result of these shortcomings. In this article, you'll see seven benefits of using online sharing platforms.

File sharing was a major business component and used to be a very tedious, time-consuming and costly process, not to mention environmentally damaging. Almost everything was printed. As a result, the traditional way of sharing files required printers, expensive inks, stacks of paper, folders, envelopes, the use of computers, and often courier services.

With the advent of online sharing platforms, file sharing has become more accessible and creates less of an environmental and digital footprint. Read on to learn more about the added benefits of a digital file sharing platform.

1 Increases the productivity benefits of using online sharing platforms

If you rely on traditional methods for releasing files, you'll get frustrated a lot. You have to wait for the file to be printed, sent to the first level reviewer, and then forwarded to the next level for another review. It takes hours to process, especially if the report requires multi-level reviews.

With online sharing platforms, editors and reviewers have simultaneous access and can process the document in question as quickly as possible. This allows staff to turn their attention to other tasks, saving time and increasing productivity.

2 Promotes seamless collaboration

Cloud storage solutions can also lead to smooth communication and collaboration between and among employees and departments. No matter where an employee is located, access is available as long as there is an internet connection.

Collaboration of a team

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This is critical, especially when more than one department is involved. For example, the logistics department may run into problems down the road. If information is relayed to the operations department in a timely manner, they can pass the problem on to management, who ultimately decide how to proceed. This makes it easier for everyone to solve problems and communicate, whether in the office or in the field.

Online file sharing platforms break down the physical and geographic constraints that hinder timely and seamless collaboration, allowing offsite and remote employees to work as if they were physically present in the office.

3 Saves time - Advantages of using online sharing platforms

In the past, sending large files was a nightmare. A sender would have to store the file on a disc or Universal Serial Bus (USB) and pass it on to the recipient. This process sometimes took days, depending on location, as it may require the intervention of a courier.

With online sharing platforms, you don't have to wait for a colleague to print out files and share them with you. You can share, receive, and access files almost simultaneously, which drastically reduces waiting times.

4 Reduces costs

By eliminating the need for various information technology (IT) storage tools, such as dedicated servers, external and internal hard drives, USB, etc., online file sharing becomes cost-effective.

Plus, you don't have to spend too much to access cloud storage solutions. There is one for every business need, so your company can focus on other revenue-generating tasks. Moreover, using digital file sharing apps requires minimal bandwidth, so users can save on operational costs as well.

5 Promotes the efficiency of project management

All projects require collaboration at different levels. Nevertheless, the use of online file sharing platforms is essential for better project management. This is the reason why most, if not all, project management apps integrate file sharing as an important feature.

With all files, including progress reports, in one place, project management is less cumbersome. If you're a manager, you can get to updated reports, progress and challenges with just a few clicks. This way, you can assess if everything is going well and in which areas your team needs improvement or support. Since you'll be able to communicate efficiently with your team, you'll be able to meet deadlines and fix problems before they become disproportionate.

6 Allows flexible access

The digital age has enabled companies to function beyond traditional office environments, and remote workers are changing the way business is conducted. File access that isn't limited to office settings means more employees can collaborate around the clock. It doesn't matter if you don't have your work computer with you. Why wait until you reach the office? As long as you have an electronic device, internet access and time in your hands, you can get work done.

With digital document management, an employee can work anywhere in the world, crossing borders and time zones.

7 Improves file security

Security breaches are every company's nightmare. While this can happen online and offline, file security issues are better controlled in a digital environment. With managed access and secure storage offered by these sharing platforms, there are fewer chances that a careless or disgruntled employee can share sensitive files with malicious individuals or fraudsters.

Improving file security on a laptop - Source: pexels.com

However, not all online sharing platforms offer the same level of security, so choose the one that offers the highest level of security. If you find them useful, you should choose apps that offer additional features, such as file delete recovery and automatic removal of data from a lost device.

Conclusion: Advantages of using online sharing platforms

Online file sharing platforms offer a variety of benefits, including improved productivity, collaboration, and efficiency at a lower cost. In addition, an online document management app can be customized to meet your business needs. Always compare all available platforms to make smart decisions for your business.

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