What online storage comparison services are available? The comparison

What online storage comparison services are available? The comparison

The perfect cloud storage is characterized by a high level of security, simple and intuitive operation and low downtime. The package is rounded off by a large amount of storage space at the lowest possible price. Depending on the purpose of the cloud storage as well as the user's expertise and financial basis, there are various solutions that meet this requirement profile. We present you some of the best cloud storage.


Tresorit is an online storage service released in 2014 by the company of the same name, which has offices in Switzerland and Hungary. The Tresorit team did not choose the name for its cloud service arbitrarily: Thanks to end-to-end encryption, your files are already encrypted before they are transferred and are as safe in the Tresorit cloud as they are in a vault. File sharing is also more secure than with almost any other provider in the cloud comparison, thanks to encryption as well as password-protected file and folder links (up to 5 GB file size), definable expiration dates and differentiable user rights. It doesn't matter whether access takes place via the Tresorit browser app, the desktop app (Windows, macOS, Linux) or the mobile app (iOS, Android) - the security package applies to all clients.

One of Tresorit's greatest strengths is the comprehensive yet clear admin center. Here you get the perfect overview of your storage space and the accessing users or devices. In addition, you manage the individual user accounts here and define security policies, for example by blocking certain devices or IP addresses for access or activating two-factor authentication.

The certified data centers (ISO-27001) used by Tresorit are located in Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands, among other places. Compliance with European and, in particular, German data protection guidelines is therefore not a problem. Private users get 500 GB of storage for 8.33 euros a month (upgradeable to up to 2.5 TB for 20 euros a month). The price for teams starts at 12 euros per user per month (1 TB per user). A free basic variant, which distinguishes many cloud storages in the comparison, is missing. However, Tresorit offers a free service for securely sending large files (up to 5 GB).


  • End-to-end encryption for browser application, desktop clients and apps.
  • First-class security management


  • No free storage option available
  • Few features for sharing stored files


In 2008, tech entrepreneur Andrew Michael founded the British company Livedrive (acquired by j2 Global in 2014), which has since made its eponymous product available to customers around the world. Livedrive is not a classic online storage solution, however, because "Backup" provides you with a tariff that has little to do with ordinary cloud storage and rather makes automatic backup copies of your local files (PC or Mac). The usual online storage variant, where you specifically determine which data you want to store in the cloud, is available with the "Briefcase" plan (2 TB for 10 euros a month) or alternatively in the "Pro Suite" package (17 euros a month), which also includes the back-up function described (plus copies of data on mobile devices) in addition to 5 TB of storage space.

The "Express" and "Standard" business rates round off the Livedrive portfolio. The former grants up to three users access to 2 TB of storage and automatic backups (35 euros per month), while the latter is aimed at teams with ten or more users (10 TB for 110 euros per month). Team folders, where files can be shared, comments created and changes viewed, significantly improve the use of this shared storage. It does not matter from which device the various participants access: desktop software for macOS and Windows is available, as are apps for iOS and Android. Alternatively, as with all cloud storage devices in the test, the platform-independent web interface can be used.

Livedrive stores all data exclusively in certified data centers (ISO 27001) in the UK.


  • Already firmly integrated on Apple devices
  • Low-cost option for private users    


  • Storage on Apple servers (uncertainty where the data is stored).

The perfect team: cloud storage plus online backup

With online storage, you always have your important data with you. No matter what device you're using or where in the world you're working from, all you need is an Internet connection and you'll have all your files at your fingertips. Cloud storage is also great for sharing documents or images. However, they offer little protection if your system is threatened by malware or hardware failures.

For this, an online backup is the right choice. Automated and regularly, your data is backed up in the cloud. You decide whether the service backs up only certain files and folders or makes copies of your entire system. If an emergency should ever occur, you are on the safe side: the last backup may only be a few hours old. As an extension to your online storage, these two backup solutions can be interesting.


If you want to store all your data automatically in state-of-the-art, ISO -certified data centers in Germany, MyBackup from IONOS is the right solution for you. The secure online storage gives you the possibility to schedule the storage of your data precisely - no matter if you want to backup your computer, your cell phone or your smartphone. You determine the time of the backup and can thus, for example, ensure that you are in the WLAN and do not consume mobile data for the upload. You can conveniently access the files later at any time by logging into the central user interface.

As already mentioned, the data centers where MyBackup stores your data enjoy very high security standards. The hardware used is characterized by a high level of fail-safety - the server location in Germany and security procedures such as ransomware protection and AES 256-bit encryption when uploading the backed-up data ensure the necessary data security as well as compliance with the strict, German data protection guidelines.

The IONOS service does not offer a free basic edition, unlike most of the alternatives in the cloud storage test. However, you only pay 1 euro per month for the cheapest rate, which gives you a back-up volume of 10 GB (one backup per device type). If you want to back up an unlimited number of end devices, you can do so starting at a monthly price of 10 euros (200 GB of storage). Incidentally, MyBackup makes no distinctions when it comes to operating systems: The service can be used with Windows computers as well as macOS, Android and iOS devices.

Cloud Backup

With Cloud Backup, IONOS focuses specifically on cloud infrastructures. Whether it's virtual machines (VMs), file servers, Exchange servers or workstations, the storage service makes backing up and protecting corporate data a breeze, ensuring your company's end-to-end productivity. All backups can be centrally managed and controlled, so you can easily leave administration in the hands of IT when needed. Thanks to preconfigured backup agents, the effort required is kept to a minimum - even complex server backups can be set up in just a few minutes, while you always determine when and how often backups are created.

IONOS Cloud Backup gets your business back on track in minutes in case of an emergency. The flexible restore mode and version management allow you to roll back to older file inventories or - if necessary - a complete transfer of data to new hardware. The secured data, which is always transferred via SSL/TLS connection, is always AES-256 bit encrypted, which ensures the best possible protection against unauthorized access. To make the best use of the available storage space, you can also compress your backup files if required.

If you want to use the IONOS cloud storage, you can choose between two different subscription plans: In the standard tariffs, you pay a fixed monthly fee and receive a certain storage quota in return. For 5 euros a month, you have 50 gigabytes of storage space available for your backups - 100 gigabytes are available for 9 euros, and 250 gigabytes for 22 euros. Alternatively, in the Flex tariff (12 cents per GB / month), you only pay for what you actually use. Regardless of the package you choose, IONOS will provide you with a personal advisor to help you set things up and act as a central point of contact in the event of any problems.


  • Back-ups of complete cloud infrastructures possible 
  • Easy setup thanks to pre-configured back-up agents    


  • No free storage variant available

The online storage comparison shows how diverse the selection of digital storage solutions is. Established big names such as iCloud Drive, Dropbox and Google Drive are cost-effective and feature-rich services with first-class links to useful office applications, but the rather vague information about the server locations causes headaches when it comes to data protection. Back-up services such as MyBackup or Cloud Backup and clouds such as HiDrive or the completely free E-POST Cloud, whose servers are located in Germany, can dispel these concerns - but these solutions also lack the end-to-end encryption offered by Tresorit.

Globally active companies will find a more than convincing cloud service in Box, which is also appealing in terms of collaboration features. Meanwhile, the American investor j2 Global is launching an interesting mix of back-up and cloud storage solution with Livedrive, which was developed in the UK.

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